Sweetcorn Notes

2021Swift F1Patchy, slow
2022Swift F1Patchy, slow
2023Incredible F1Good
15 Apr 2024Tyson F1Decent

Sweetcorn Diary

April, Week 3

I picked up some more Incredible variety sweetcorn from Wilkos (at The Range) for £1.50 a packet. I picked up two as I wanted to be sure enough germinated for a decent block planting. When I came to soak the seeds to pre-sprout them, I noticed I had two packs of Tyson seeds in my seed box, that I must have picked up at some point last year, though I cannot remember when or where from. I’ve decided to keep the Incredible seeds for next year and to give Tyson a go. I’ve soaked the seeds for a few hours and then placed them in some damp paper towels sealed in a bag, in the airing cupboard in the hope that I can pre-sprout them.

April, Week 4

After five days pre-sprouting in wet paper towels, a good number of the Tyson seeds have germinated, so I’ve sown them into modules to start them growing.