I’ve never really used that many leeks in my cooking, because usually onions are the staple vegetable that I always have in the kitchen, but there is definitely ample room for them in the dinner repertoire if I am able to grow a few.

Leek Growing Notes

Feb wk 1 2024MusselburghIndoors7 Days
Feb wk 1 2024AutoraIndoors7 Days
Mar wk 3 2023Musselburgh*Failed
* bought as seedlings from Dobbies

Leek Diary

March, Week 3

I bought some Musselburgh variety seedlings from Dobbies garden centre. They never really took with any vigour in the garden, and then were suddenly ‘gone’ from the bed, so a complete failure.

February, Week 1

Two varieties of leeks, Musselburgh & Autora, sown into a half-sized lidded seed tray with a thin layer of seed compost sprinkled on top. Kept covered on Living room windowsill (no heat mat).

February, Week 2

After 7 days there is good germination on the Musselburgh leeks. Autora have germinated sporadically, but I had fewer seeds of those, which may account for part of the disparity. I’ll leave them for a few more days to encourage germination, then uncover.

March, Week 1

Leek seedlings are 6-10cm long. The Autora leeks were less vigorous during germination and are a little behind the Musselburgh variety seedlings. I have decided to thin the seedlings into individual cells, and have kept 12 Autora and 24 Musselburgh to hopefully strengthen up indoors, and have been placed under grow lights whilst the space is available, pre-tomato sowing.

April, Week 2

I have planted out a single row of Musselburgh leeks into the bed, trimming the leaves and roots as I did so. I tried to puddle them in, with mixed success.

April, Week 4

Planted out the remaining 24 leeks; twelve each of Autora and Musselburgh. Both varieties have grown equally well, and are small (20cm long) and thin (1-2mm), and definitely not the pencil thickness transplants that I have seen other growers planting out. I have put them directly into the bed at a spacing of 9 per square foot (using the square foot template). I trimmed the leaves down to around 12cm, and the roots to 3-4cm.