I’ve never really used that many leeks in my cooking, because usually onions are the staple vegetable that I always have in the kitchen, but there is definitely ample room for them in the dinner repertoire if I am able to grow a few.

Leek Growing Notes

Feb wk 1 2024MusselburghIndoors7 Days
Feb wk 1 2024AutoraIndoors7 Days
Mar wk 3 2023Musselburgh*Failed
* bought as seedlings from Dobbies

Leek Diary

March, Week 3

I bought some Musselburgh variety seedlings from Dobbies garden centre. They never really took with any vigour in the garden, and then were suddenly ‘gone’ from the bed, so a complete failure.

February, Week 1

Two varieties of leeks, Musselburgh & Autora, sown into a half-sized lidded seed tray with a thin layer of seed compost sprinkled on top. Kept covered on Living room windowsill (no heat mat).

February, Week 2

After 7 days there is good germination on the Musselburgh leeks. Autora have germinated sporadically, but I had fewer seeds of those, which may account for part of the disparity. I’ll leave them for a few more days to encourage germination, then uncover.