Cherry Growing Notes

Regina & Van (twin)UnknownMay 2022Group 3 & 4
MorelloFeb 2024Self-fertile, Group 4
StellaFeb 2024Self-fertile, Group 4

Cherry Diary

February, Week 1

Second cherry tree Morello bought for £6 from Home Bargains. Self pollination partner to the family duo cherry already in the garden. Bought to grow in a large patio pot.

February, Week 3

Small patio Stella cherry tree arrived from Ma, in a selection of 6 small trees. Supposedly intended as a columnar patio tree, I have planted it in a patio planter to see if it develops.

April, Week 2

The Regina & Van Duo tree has absolutely exploded with blossoms. We had a few (50-100) blossoms last year, but nothing like this. The tree seems to have matured this year and is looking very strong and healthy. Unfortunately the storms have continued well into April and we have had numerous problems with waterlogging, winds, and hail storms, and the garden has taken a battering. The duo cherry didn’t lose too many blossoms, but I don’t know if there will have been much chance for pollination.

May, Week 1

The blossoms are starting to drop from the twin variety tree, and in the very centre of the spent blossoms I can see what appears to be a tiny developing fruit. I have been feeding the tree with a liquid seaweed feed and an occasional balanced Growmore feed.