Lettuce Growing Notes

VarietySownGerminatedPlanted OutFirst Harvest
Little GemFeb Week 3 2024Feb Week 4Mar Wk 4
Tom ThumbFeb Week 3 2024Feb Week 4Mar Wk 4
Mixed LeavesFeb Week 3 2024Feb Week 4Mar Wk 4
Rocket UberMar Week 3 2024 🪴Mar Wk 4
Red Salad Bowl (Rosette)Mar Week 3 2024 🪴Mar Wk 4
🪴 Bought as plug plants

Lettuce Diary

February, Week 3

Have sown a mini seed module with lettuce to see if I can get a few early salad leaves going. Four modules each of Tom Thumb, Little Gem, and some mixed leaves from Thompson & Morgan.

February, Week 4

All three lettuce varieties/mixes have germinated into small, neat seedlings. They are on the living room windowsill to make best use pot the light.

March, Week 3

I’ve sown a second mini seed module with various lettuce varieties to hopefully give a slightly staggered crop. Also bought a module tray each of Rocket Uber and Red Salad Bowl (Rosette) lettuce from B&Q for £2 each.

March, Week 4

A few small plants of rocket and all lettuce varieties have been planted out under cloches and into the cold frame.