Apple Growing Notes

Jonagold & Gala (twin)May 2022Group 3/4 & Self fertile Group 4
CoxApr 2023Self fertile, Group 2
JonaprinceFeb 2024Group 3
Red DeliciousFeb 2024Group 4

Apple Diary

January, Week 3

Pruned the fruit trees to remove any weak, crossing or downwards pointing branches. Both apple trees are looking very healthy.

February, Week 2

Trimmed away circle of grass to mulch and feed trees in the ground and applied manure and mulch to potted trees.

February, Week 3

Ma sent a selection of six small trees, two of which were new apple varieties (Jonaprince and Red Delicious). Supposedly intended to be grown as columnar/patio varieties I have potted them into patio planters for now to see which take.