Apple Growing Notes

Jonagold & Gala (twin)May 2022Group 3/4 & Self fertile Group 4
CoxApr 2023Self fertile, Group 2
JonaprinceFeb 2024Group 3
Red DeliciousFeb 2024Group 4

Apple Diary

January, Week 3

Pruned the fruit trees to remove any weak, crossing or downwards pointing branches. Both apple trees are looking very healthy.

February, Week 2

Trimmed away circle of grass to mulch and feed trees in the ground and applied manure and mulch to potted trees.

February, Week 3

Ma sent a selection of six small trees, two of which were new apple varieties (Jonaprince and Red Delicious). Supposedly intended to be grown as columnar/patio varieties I have potted them into patio planters for now to see which take.

April, Week 2

Trees have all received a liquid feed and a few blossoms have appeared on the Jonagold & Gala Twin. Quite a few 2-5cm blossoming branchlets have been knocked off by either an animal visitor, these continuing storms, or some problem with the plant (the whole garden is waterlogged, which doesn’t help) but there are 100 or so blossoms, so there may be some growth. I daren’t even hope for some actual fruit.