Bean Growing Notes

French Beans are beans picked young and green, and eaten in the pod. Also known as Green Beans, String Beans, or Snap Beans.

Flageolets are picked before full maturity, and dried in the dark to preserve a young green colour.

Haricot Beans are specific type of bean, but the name is used for many mature, dried beans, picked at full maturity, either dried on the plant or after picking.

Black Hopi1st May 24
Borlotti1st May 24
Cannellini1st May 24
Canadian Wonder (Kidney Bean)1st May 24
Yin Yang1st May 24
Black Hopi23rd Apr 2328th Apr11th Sep
Canadian Wonder (Kidney Bean)23rd Apr 2330th Apr11th Sep

Bean Diary

May, Week 1

I’ve decided to grow five varieties of bean this year. I’m using the saved seed of two varieties from last year, as well as three new varieties.

Black HopiBush (30-50cm)
Lingua Di Fiocco (Borlotti) Pole (180cm)
CannelliniBush (45cm)
Canadian Wonder (Kidney)Bush (30-50cm)
Yin YangBush (45cm)

I’ve sown twelve seeds of each variety, into sieved compost and into individual small pots. Checking my notes from last year I may move some onto heat mats to kickstart germination.