Asparagus Growing Notes

VarietyPlantedFirst Harvest
GijnlimMar 2023Failed
GijnlimFeb Wk 3 2024
Pacific PurpleFeb Wk 3 2024

Asparagus Diary

February, Week 2

Bought a pack of four Asparagus crowns from Dobbies for planting at the back of the strawberry bed as they make good bed companions. One of the two Gijnlim crowns that was included had rotted and withered, the other had sprouted.

The variety Con Colossal was entirely missing from the bag. There was an inner bag for of light dry compost but there was no plant in there at all. There were no plant remnants, either, so I don’t believe it had even just withered away and died, it was just missing. An asparaghost.

One Purple Pacific asparagus crown was planted, but was looking quite soft around the shoots, so will have to wait and see if any of them take.