• selection of handmade custom teacher gifts for an end of term gift

    Teachers Gifts 2024

    I suffered a bout of illness, along with Russell, to start July this year. It’s a problematic bout of illness that has scuppered a number of plans that we held, none more important than our 10th wedding anniversary, which we didn’t celebrate with a gift or card passing between us, only some paracetamol and some…

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  • Twelve Days Of Christmas Ornaments, Part II

    Now that Christmas is over and life creeps back to ‘normal’ I was hoping to find a bit more time and mental space to ease into the new year with some more ornaments from this set. I’ve sometimes caught a bit of time in the evening, but the low light and my increasing reliance on…

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  • Homegrown Strawberry Jam with Pomegranate Molasses

    One of my main wished for the garden this year was to grow enough strawberries to make a jar of jam, and this week I have gathered a strawberry harvest and made the fruitiest, most balanced jam I have ever tasted. I don’t like commercially produced strawberry jam, and I will always opt for raspberry…

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  • daddy and me t-shirts

    Daddy & Me T-shirts

    For Fathers Day this year I decided to make a pair of matching t-shirts for Bean and Russell, from the fabric that they had both spotted at the local fabric store last time I went to pick up a bit of interfacing. At seven (and three quarters!) years old, Bean is obsessed with space, so…

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  • Boxers and briefs made from universe print fabric

    Scrappy Undies

    I love making boxers and briefs from scrap fabric for using any small pieces of leftover jersey from larger projects. I find I can usually squeeze a couple of pairs of small briefs out of a piece of fabric after having made a t-shirt or similar, keeping us well stocked in comfortable underwear. Sometimes, to…

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