Spinach Growing Notes

VarietySownGerminationFirst Harvest
Amazon F129 Feb 2024Failed
Tetona F1Bought 10 Mar 2024

Spinach Diary

March, Week 2

No sign of any germination on the seeds sown last month, so I have bought some cheap seedlings from Dobbies in case germination fails entirely. I am going to try to germinate some more of the Amazon seeds in a paper towel to see if I can get any to start at all.

February, Week 4

Sowed a 12 cell module of spinach to harvest as baby leaves for curries, etc. Seeds bought from www.dobies.co.uk, on sale for 89p. Spinach is said to germinate best at 15℃, so I will put them on the heat mat set to 16ºC.

March, Week 2

As spinach seeds are not germinating at all I have bought a strip of plug plants from B&Q, variety Tetona.

March, Week 4

Five small spinach plants have been planted into the cold frame to see how they grow in early spring in that position.