Pea Growing Notes

VarietySownGermination %
AmbassadorFeb 27, 2024
Kelvedon WonderFeb 27, 2024
RondoFeb 27, 2024
TerrainFeb 27, 2024

Pea Diary

February, Week 4

I have four varieties of peas in my seed collection. Ambassador and Terrain are the varieties that I have grown for the past few years, but for some reason I have picked up seeds for both Kelvedon Wonder and Rondo at some point over the past twelve months, and have decided to pre-sprout all four varieties to see which seeds seem strongest and keenest, as my ‘old faithful’ varieties are past the last sowing dates by about two years, but I think they are still going to prove themselves viable.

M Codd, 2024

I have sown 15 peas of each variety after 12 hours soaking time. Hopefully I’ll see which seeds are viable and plant out the keenest varieties within the week.

Video of pea-sowing process
April, Week 4

Two rows of pre-soaked peas (mixed varieties) sown directly into the bed.