Mimi’s Cookbook

Collected recipes from my kitchen

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  • Raisin & Oat Cookies

    This is my favourite, lightly spiced chewy oat & raisin cookie recipe. Perfect for a quick treat or to include in a lunchbox.

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  • Houmous

    My favourite houmous recipe requires a bit of extra prep, but it is worth it for the silky smooth result.

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  • Jamaican Patties

    This batch makes enough for tea, plus a few left over to freeze (un-baked) for packed lunches or future meals, when they can be baked from frozen.

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  • Christmas Cake

    With the schools starting a new academic year I wanted a little side project to help ease the transition of seasons, and so I have decided to try and recreate (or, rather, take inspiration from) my grandmother’s Christmas cake recipe to bake my own rich fruit cake for the Christmas period. My grandmother, ‘Nan’, would…

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