Mimi’s Cookbook

Collected recipes from my kitchen

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  • Slow Cooked Stifado

    Slow cooked stifado with herby cheese dumplings.

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  • Jurassic Bake

    As Bean is about to turn 8 in a few days, I am doing my annual round of making and baking. I asked what theme this year’s cake might take, and have been told that Jurassic World, from the Jurassic Park series of films, is this year’s mini obsession, so along with the cake I…

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  • Gingernut Biscuits

    Very crunchy, small biscuits with characteristic crackled tops.

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  • Soft Burger Buns (tangzhong method)

    Soft and springy burger buns that freeze really well. Similar to a brioche bun but less cloyingly rich as there is no added butter.

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