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  • Homegrown Strawberry Jam with Pomegranate Molasses

    One of my main wished for the garden this year was to grow enough strawberries to make a jar of jam, and this week I have gathered a strawberry harvest and made the fruitiest, most balanced jam I have ever tasted. I don’t like commercially produced strawberry jam, and I will always opt for raspberry…

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  • Cheese Scones

    The main reason that cheese scones fail is because they can easily be over handled, and the butter becomes too warm and melts into the flour before the baking time. This recipe uses a handy kitchen gadget to make sure that the scones stay incredibly light and fluffy. I’ve been working on perfecting these for…

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  • Homemade Marmalade

    marmalade on a golden spoon, top down, with an open jar of marmalade in the background

    Seville orange season coincides perfectly with the darkest, coldest days of winter here in the northern hemisphere, and the smell of bitter oranges and sugar bubbling away and filling the house with warmth is an antidote to the frosty mornings. I had never made marmalade before, but a post from Rekha’s Garden Kitchen somehow awakened…

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