• Wooden tree decoration painted light green, with painted text reading 'the stockings were hung by the chimney with care'

    Festive Wooden Tree Decoration

    I picked up a very inexpensive crafting blank from Hobbycraft in late November. It isn’t something I would usually go for, and I had no plans for it, but I thought it would be something that I could experiment with painting. I chose a pale green for the basis of the decoration, with a very…

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  • Family Gifts: Personalised Christmas Signs

    This year I made a promise with my Ma: we would not buy each other Christmas presents. One of the kindest things we could do for each other was to release each of us from the obligation to spend money on each other when so many people are finding the cost of living so difficult…

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  • Child’s Pyjama Set

    As the winter gets colder Bean is in need of some good long pyjamas, and I have a tradition of giving him a pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve (my absolute favourite day of the year), in his Christmas Eve Box. I pulled out some fabric I bought a while back with this purpose in…

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  • Personalised Home Advent Calendar

    A round up of all of the handmade Christmas crafts from this year. Felt gingerbread men gift tags and tree decorations, monogrammed Christmas stockings, party hats and a truly special advent calendar.

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  • Felt Gingerbread Decorations

    I pretty much never bulk-make anything when I’m making things as I like to have an idea, carry it out and move on, but this year I decided to make some special gift tags that could be used as Christmas decorations. The little boy of someone I know has a great fondness for the tale…

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  • Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

    One of my favourite-ever Christmas projects, my house advent calendar, lives on our mantlepiece over the Christmas period, but a fireplace is not complete without a row of stockings waiting for Father Christmas to arrive down the chimney. Our living room is a soft grey and so I wanted some Christmas stockings that would work…

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