• Paper & Found Twig Art Of A Garden Bird

    A good friend and very special person to me recently commented that she loved the blue tit papercuts I had been working on. They were not intended for any particular project and I hadn’t yet worked out what, if anything, I could do with them. A natural first idea is often to turn small cut figures…

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  • Hey Duggee Betty Sweater DIY!

    We are big fans of Hey Duggee in our household, and Darwin’s absolute favourite character is Betty, the five-legged purple octopus. Darwin’s adventures with Betty are many. She (in toy form) was his companion to his first days of nursery when he needed some comfort, was his second in command for all kinds of adventures…

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  • teacher's gifts: plant pots decorated with vinyl lettering which says 'thank you (name) for helping me grow'

    Teacher Gifts: Personalised Flower Pots Made With Vinyl Transfers

    Yesterday was Bean’s last day of nursery for this year, as he has now broken up for the summer holiday. Though he will be back again next year (he actually has another two whole years of nursery ahead of him!), I thought it was important to thank those who have cared and nurtured him for…

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  • Sewing & Embellishment Project: Toddler Painting Smocks, V2.0

    Back in March of this year I made a couple of toddler art smocks for two awesome little guys in my life: my little boy and his best friend. My little guy’s art smock gets used at least a couple of times each week as we are still enjoying creating works of messy art at…

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  • So I Knitted A Trilobite Tank Top (Sweater Vest)

    Someone on Twitter put it so wonderfully when they said ‘this is what happens when your interests collide’. My ‘raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens’ are knitting, fossils, manatees, trilobites, unicorns and rainbows (I maintain that I loved these last two long before they were cool). I have written a few times of why…

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