Child’s Pyjama Set

As the winter gets colder Bean is in need of some good long pyjamas, and I have a tradition of giving him a pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve (my absolute favourite day of the year), in his Christmas Eve Box. I pulled out some fabric I bought a while back with this purpose in mind, and a bit of yellow tubular ribbing. I didn’t want to spend unnecessarily on this project, so looked around for patterns that I could use to make the pyjamas without too much cost.

I decided to use the free Waves & Wild Lightning Leggings pattern in the ‘relaxed’ fit with an elastic waistband and hemmed cuffs. I paired it with the Emi Tee, (a pattern I already owned), using the cuffed long-sleeve tee view.

Both pieces were made to the pattern specifications but lengthened to fit Bean’s long limbs, and also in the torso of the pyjama top to ensure adequate warmth at night, as any store bought pyjamas seem to very quickly be too short in al these areas, and buying a larger size means they fit too loose and fall down.

I finished the set with a couple of pairs of Speedy Pants to eliminate any fabric wastage. I made these as per the instructions but made a fully enclosed gusset using a modified burrito method which still allows for the pants to be made using only the original pattern pieces and not splitting the front piece horizontally. I just find this to be far more comfortable than leaving the edge unfinished, and I also think that it makes the briefs longer lasting.

The entire set is now folded and ready for the Christmas Eve cuddles under warm blankets, watching Christmas movies and drinking an elaborate hot chocolate.

Oh… And the fire engines glow in the dark!