• Custom Hot Chocolate Sign

    I’ve finally finished the last of the Christmas projects. This one was a bit of a hangover project that ran into January. It was supposed to be hung with he rest of the Christmas decorations: this one on the kitchen cabinet above where Russell usually makes the hot drinks, but it was pushed out of…

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  • Handsewn extra long t-shirt for a man and small child's hoodie in matching colourful galaxy print

    Family Sewing

    Some time ago I bought some extremely colourful rainbow galaxy print fabric, with the intention of making myself a top and a matching one for my seven year old. Wires got crossed along the way and Russell came to believe that I had bought the fabric to make matching t-shirts for our son and himself.…

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  • A Sparkly Christmas Menu

    For the past few weeks I have been putting a lot of touches towards making a Christmas experience that I wanted to make extra special. We arranged to host guests for the first time since the pandemic hit, and in a way the extra effort was to make up for the past three years. As…

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  • Wooden Christmas Kitchen Decoration

    The schools have broken up, and my preparations are in full swing, but I wanted to step away from making things for everyone else for a few hours and make something just for me, to make me feel festive whilst I am baking all my Christmas goods. As I had some spare wooden discs left…

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  • Simple Dinner Napkin sewing

    Around Christmastime I get a momentous rush to make things. It is the dark, cold time of year that most prompts me to make things that are beautiful as well as practical. It is the time when I am most likely to indulge in things purely decorative, but also to make handsome things that might…

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  • Handmade Santa Suit 2022

    A quick project for school Christmas Jumper Day was in order as the Father Christmas jumper I made for Bean in 2020 was too small after two years of very fast growing. After asking what kind of seasonal sweater he was after Bean decided that he really did like being Father Christmas and would like…

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