So glad to see you

Hi, I’m Mimi, and this is my cosy corner of the internet. Like most people, I have complex interests, so I’ve decided to remake my website and fill it with all the things that I love, so this is the brand new look. I’ve taken out many years of old content so I can concentrate on the here and now, and all the things I am currently enjoying.

The Owner of this site, Mimi Codd, is in her garden with a straw hat, pulled down over one eye and her hair in two braids. To the left of the main picture are two circles, one depicting some scissors, fabric, thread and a thimble, and the other some gardening tools and a sprig of rosemary
  • selection of handmade custom teacher gifts for an end of term gift

    Teachers Gifts 2024

    I suffered a bout of illness, along with Russell, to start July this year. It’s a problematic bout of illness that has scuppered a number of plans that we held, none more important than our 10th wedding anniversary, which we didn’t celebrate with a gift or card passing between us, only some paracetamol and some…

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  • Sourdough Discard Pikelets

    They’re crumpets, for people who can’t be bothered waiting for crumpets to cook and who don’t want to mess around with crumpet rings.

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  • Waffles

    I like to batch cook waffles and freeze them to make for a stress-free breakfast by just popping them into the toaster.

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