So glad to see you

Hi, I’m Mimi, and this is my cosy corner of the internet. Like most people, I have complex interests, so I’ve decided to remake my website and fill it with all the things that I love, so this is the brand new look. I’ve taken out many years of old content so I can concentrate on the here and now, and all the things I am currently enjoying.

The Owner of this site, Mimi Codd, is in her garden with a straw hat, pulled down over one eye and her hair in two braids. To the left of the main picture are two circles, one depicting some scissors, fabric, thread and a thimble, and the other some gardening tools and a sprig of rosemary
  • daddy and me t-shirts

    Daddy & Me T-shirts

    For Fathers Day this year I decided to make a pair of matching t-shirts for Bean and Russell, from the fabric that they had both spotted at the local fabric store last time I went to pick up a bit of interfacing. At seven (and three quarters!) years old, Bean is obsessed with space, so…

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  • Boxers and briefs made from universe print fabric

    Scrappy Undies

    I love making boxers and briefs from scrap fabric for using any small pieces of leftover jersey from larger projects. I find I can usually squeeze a couple of pairs of small briefs out of a piece of fabric after having made a t-shirt or similar, keeping us well stocked in comfortable underwear. Sometimes, to…

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  • Cheese Scones

    The main reason that cheese scones fail is because they can easily be over handled, and the butter becomes too warm and melts into the flour before the baking time. This recipe uses a handy kitchen gadget to make sure that the scones stay incredibly light and fluffy. I’ve been working on perfecting these for…

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