Whale Shark Embellished Sweatshirt (Two Colour Vinyl Layering)

Whale Shark Embellished Sweatshirt (Two Colour Vinyl Layering)

Dress up days at school. You either love them or find them a bit stressful. I fall into the latter camp, for a number of reasons (many of which I have detailed in a previous post about World Book Day). I find it very hard to justify single use costumes or items of clothing and so usually try to opt for a more sustainable choice. If I am going to use time, effort and materials to make something, I usually hope to try to make it work as seamlessly with existing wardrobe options as I can.

For one of my child’s next dress up days (we have four and counting in the calendar so far for this half term) we have a choice of either buying branded Children In Need items to wear, or wearing something ‘spotty’ and sending in a monetary donation. I’m going to opt for the latter as it means I can use and embellish an existing piece of clothing, and it’s just going to work better for us than trying to source something from a supermarket.

We had a think (and asked my IG contacts for extra inspiration) about spotty animals, and a family favourite has always been whale sharks. I worked out a simple cut file on illustrator to make a one-colour whale shark cut out and tested it on an existing long-sleeved top.

I decided to change the design a little when making the sweatshirt version, creating a second layer for the vinyl. The light blue sweatshirt then had a lighter (white) element to the design as well as a darker (navy) contrast, which really helped the design to stand proud of the background colour.

So, without buying anything new we have a couple of long-term wear tops that will look great for any casual occasion. If you have a dress up or costume day on the horizon, good luck!

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