Putting Together An Isolation Wardrobe

Putting Together An Isolation Wardrobe

I’ve never enjoyed clothes shopping, and I’m happy to wear my clothes until they are worn out and unfixable, so my wardrobe this spring and summer are the same as my wardrobe last spring and summer, but this isn’t working for my four year old on a growth-spurt, whose clothes are all looking decidedly short and flappy around the ankles and midrift.

After putting together a few successful pairs of pyjamas (or shorts and vests; the lines are pretty blurred between day wear and nightwear in my household at the moment), I’ve started on a few more simple essential pieces perfect for any child’s wardrobe.

Brindille & Twig Hooded Raglan Sweatshirt (L) and Cuff Pants (R)

The simple scuba-hood sweatshirt is made in a nice summer-weight loop-backed jersey print. Loop-backed jersey is one of my favourite fabrics to wear, and I find it so much more comfortable than a fleece-back. The trousers are made with a nice elastane stretch cotton, and comfortable soft ribbing, all of which I bought from JennyStitches fabrics.

I also made another pair of the Cuff shorts from the loopback jersey. I love this style of shorts for both bed wear and also hot summer days. They are all the more luxuriously comfy in this slightly thicker but still cool feeling fabric.

Finally, I made a simple T-shirt with the rest of the clouds fabric, this time with a slightly altered MadeByMe pattern. I added self-fabric neck and sleeve bands, but I’m not sure of these. In hindsight I prefer the way the rib neckband lay on the dinosaur T-shirt that I made, and if i had any left I would probably change the neckband in particular, but it is cute nonetheless.

I made all four pieces from just 1m each of the cloud and strawberry fabrics, with the addition of some ribbing (the amount of which I did not keep track of but I never seem to buy enough). The hoodie also used a small amount of red jersey for the hood lining. I’ve got a couple of small items ready-cut from a very lightweight jersey for an extra short pyjama set, and a metre of bumblebee fabric for another pair of deep cuff trousers and T-shirt, and then I shall reassess how the summer wardrobe situation is looking. So far it is looking comfy and cute.

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