Make Your Own Animal Crossing new Horizons Felt Coaster Set

Make Your Own Animal Crossing new Horizons Felt Coaster Set

I’m really very excited about the upcoming release of the new Animal Crossing New Horizons game.

As there are still eleven whole days to wait until the game is released I decided to make something to get ready for release day and make a friend of mine a couple of drinks coasters (because nobody wants to be thirsty on a deserted island) out of a few simple bits of felt. It’s a quick, inexpensive project, and I have included some files to download to make your own.

To make a set of two coasters you will need:

  • One A4 (21x30cm) piece of cream felt
  • One A4 (21x30cm) piece of green felt
  • One A4 (21x30cm) piece of brown felt
  • Needle and thread in green and brown to match your felt.

A note on choosing felt colours: I chose to use two different green felts for my coasters and two different cream/beige colours, also. The ‘traditional’ (solid) green Animal Crossing leaf has a more saturated traditional green colour, whereas the cutout leaf of the New Horizons game is a cooler mint-green colour. I paired these with a darker cream/beige colour for the traditional leaf shape and a lighter cream background colour for the New Horizons leaf.

Transfer The Template Designs

There are many ways of transferring the templates to your pieces of felt. I chose to cut the templates from light card and then cut them carefully out. I then used a disappearing felt pen to transfer the design onto the reverse of a piece of felt (as you are marking the reverse of the felt it isn’t essential that the pen marks disappear, but if you have a disappearing marker you may as well use it).

I have included a .svg file in the download, so if you have a cutting machine that cuts felt, then you could use that to cut the shapes directly, or if you have a cutting machine that does not handle felt then you could use the .svg to create the card templates, for all other methods of transfer I have included a .pdf.

Making The Coasters

Start by cutting a square of no smaller than 14x14cm from cream/beige felt. Place your chosen leaf shape cut from green felt at the centre and pin, or tack into place using long contrasting stitches to be removed later. Using sewing thread to match your green felt, appliqué blanket stitch around the outside of the leaf shape with two strands of thread to attach it to the beige felt.

Once the outside edge is secure, use a single strand of the same thread to appliqué the inner cut-out edges of the fancy leaf design if you are making that leaf version.

Alternatively, if making the simpler ‘classic’ leaf design you might choose to embroider leaf vein details at this stage, though I chose to leave mine plain.

Once your appliqué leaf is fully attached on all edges, remove any pins or tacking stitches. Next, place the brown ‘ring’ of felt over your leaf so as to ‘frame’ it and tack/pin it to the cream/beige felt as before. Using two strands of matching brown thread, appliqué blanket stitch around the inner edge of the frame only.

Finally, trim the excess cream/beige felt so that it is exactly the same size as the outer edge of the brown ring of felt that it is attached to. Place the brown circle of felt on the very back to hide any visible threads, and use a blanket stitch in three strands of brown thread to stitch all three layers of felt together.

Template files are available in .PDF form ready to print, and .SVG files ready to download for cutting machines.

If you’re going to be getting Animal Crossing New Horizons drop me a line on the Contact Me page with your friend code (or via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) for future visiting fun.

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  • These are so cool! My youngest is a BIG Animal Crossing fan and got a version of New Horizons the day it came out, to go with the previous Animal Crossing on the DS. As if we didn’t have enough Animal Crossing. hehehehe. I will share this post with all of the Animal Crossing fans in this household.

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