Roundy Baubs: The Birbs Are Back

Roundy Baubs: The Birbs Are Back

In my quest to come up with the world’s most difficult-to-photograph project, I decided to make some new decorations for our Christmas tree. As we have not had a Christmas tree for a few years, Darwin wishing to have a tree this year feels like a good reason to embrace the holiday season.

We have, every year (even those when we did not decorate a tree) put aside a special decoration or two to build up a collection of memories on our tree. However, a lot of these precious baubles are glass, and safety dictates that this year I want to concentrate on safe alternatives whilst still keeping our decorations special.

Circular paper robin in a christmas bauble decoration

Earlier in the year I attempted to teach myself some of the basics of Adobe Illustrator and set upon a little project making circular paper birds. I called the project my Roundybirb Project, and it was essentially a project with no definite end point. I knew I’d use the designs in various things, one day, and I have. I’ve made greetings cards, pieces of wall art, and now…

Roundybaubs: decorations for my Christmas tree.

round robin red breast handmade ornaments

I found these excellently versatile baubles in Poundland, as a pack of three for £1. They could be used to hold chocolates, socks, or little pompoms. Children could fill them up with all manner of sparkly bits of decoration and chocolate coins. I decided to put little paper birds in mine. They are suspended in four places with invisible thread so that they hover in the middle of the space in the bauble. Each one is then also filled with small glittery snowballs before fixing the two halves of the bauble together.

I’m going to be making another variation on these baubles with my toddler in the next few days, and as this initial experiment with the technique I was experimenting with has been a success, I’ll write up a tutorial whilst we make them.

clear plastic baubles with robins. Fill your own baubles from poundland

For now I have put these few decorations away to join the others, ready for decorating the tree closer to Christmas. My little boy is really excited about Christmas this year, so I am more excited than I have been any other year since I was a child myself.

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