What Have I Made?

What Have I Made?

I had an evening that required a dip into the Craft Snack Drawer. My Biopsy results were good, a couple of problems with white cell count, but overall, doing OK. The weight of the wait just meant that I was burned out and needed to let go of my thoughts and employ my nervous hands, so to the drawer did I dive.

I made this.

Do you know… I can’t work out what it is? I mean, it’s a ‘kitsch wall hanging’. It’s ‘festive weaving’. The kit tells me this. I’ve actually seen things like this on Pinterest, so I think it must be… fashion? The colours are cheery and it has some texture, but it makes me feel old and befuddled, like when all of the shops started selling heavy sweaters with no shoulders for two winters running and all I could think was ‘there is no appropriate climatic conditions for that garment’. It made me feel out of the loop.

This sort of does the same. I know that these wall hangings are popular (and there are far more accomplished examples out there made from beautiful natural materials) but they do remind me somewhat of the card loom weaving I did at school where a string warp was decorated with anything that could be manipulated enough to be woven through it (bits of string and shoelace, a lolly stick, a feather, bits of crepe paper) to be presented to an adoring adult who’d put it on the kitchen side, never to be seen again.

But I followed the instructions and I made my wall hanging, and that was the main thing. I just made it. And I’ve hung it up for a while at least. Actually, quite a few times. It has been migrating around the house since I finished it. Currently it is hanging on the wall about four foot above the toilet roll holder where it has brightened up a dull corner, and we’ll see how long it stays there instead of it being left on the kitchen side.

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