Talking About Texture: I’ve Been Playing With Arnall-Culliford Knitwear’s Latest Yarn

Talking About Texture: I’ve Been Playing With Arnall-Culliford Knitwear’s Latest Yarn

I’ve just heard, by way of newsletter heralding good news, that the latest line of yarn from Arnall-Culliford Knitwear has been released for sale, and I’m excited because it’s really, really good.

I have been lucky enough to have an early play with Something To Knit With Aran, the bulkier, warmer, and all together more autumn/winter loving companion to the Arnall-Cullifords’ 4-ply line of yarn, and it’s quite likely the aran yarn you’ve been waiting for.

© Arnall-Culliford Knitwear 2018

When I first received the squishy package of yarn I did what everybody else would do. I put my face into it. It is important to sniff your yarn to ensure that it is good stuff. It was good stuff. It was soft but not tickly on my nose. I could tell we were going to get on. The label gave it as 70% Highland Wool, and 30% alpaca. I could feel the wool, but it wasn’t crunchy, like some highland wool sometimes feels. And it had alpaca-softness, but without that slight itch. Blends: we like them because they work hard.

So, because I am curious and wanted to see this yarn show me what it had to offer I decided I would test these qualities with a tricksy project. Highland wool spun to a fine and even degree can give great, crisp texture, but alpaca can often soften that texture because of the slight halo it often carries. I knew the yarn felt great, but wanted to make sure it looked great when knitted up. Cables, they’d pop easily, but an actual knit/purl textured stitch? It takes a good yarn to make a showstopper project out of the basics of knitting, and this was a great yarn.

There’s texture so defined here, you could see it from space. That’s just knits and purls. No twisted stitches, no tricks to make those stitches pop. They just do. I love this yarn.

Here’s a close up of the texture on the pinecone stitched tank top that I made for my little boy:

The stitches are beautifully separate and each one is given its own form, but the knitting is beautifully smooth and even, which is hard to achieve with rougher yarns. The yarn is soft and round enough for the stitches to glide into place and settle neatly where they should be without getting stuck on the way.

© Arnall-Culliford Knitwear 2018

As the weather turns to a slight chill, this is a great staple yarn for so many projects, and is available in ten shades from subtle and muted greys and the pale blue ‘Sky’ that I knit the tank top in, through a rainbow of saturated shades to suit all. Perfect for colourwork, cables, and ideal for texture, Something To Knit With Aran is in the acknitwear shop now.

DISCLAIMER: all opinions are my own. I have enjoyed the work and friendship of the Arnall-Culliford team for many years, but would not speak positively of products I did not truly believe in.

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