Giveaway: Win Three Skeins Of Handspun Yarn!

Giveaway: Win Three Skeins Of Handspun Yarn!

I’ve decided to part with my most recent three skeins of handspun yarn and thought it would be nice to host a giveaway to find them new homes. One of my hopes this year is to improve a few of my skills and expand my knowledge in a few areas of creativity, including spinning. One of the most oft-repeated pieces of advice with anybody seeking to improve a skill is to practice, and practicing spinning has a very obvious by-product: spun yarn! Unfortunately, I have no real chance of knitting as fast as I can spin, and I have so many projects both on the needles and in the pipeline that it doesn’t feel right to bundle these into a cupboard to languish until some untold date, or even be forgotten, so I’m hoping that somebody will adopt them?

The Yarns

There are three yarns to be won! It is worth bearing in mind that I am by no means an expert spinner, so these yarns will not be perfect. They are handspun by a very fallible human who is in the process of experimenting and trying to hone a few skills. I think there is something a bit special about knitting with handspun yarn, but it may not be the same as knitting or crocheting with completely consistent millspun yarn.

The Blues

The first is a high-twist 3-ply blend of 50% Merino, 25% Shetland, 12.5% Mulberry Silk and 12.5% Baby Alpaca in a semi-solid mixture of blues with small shots of green. There’s about 95g of light sportweight/heavy fingering weight yarn measuring about 300m.

The Greens And Greys

The second is a blend of 75% superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool and 25% Ramie (a pant fibre from the nettle family) spun into medium low twist two ply yarn. There are shining emerald greens, a few bright olives and a host of medium to charcoal greys. As I was attempting to spin a lower twist yarn in these silkier, more shimmering fibres one of the plies came apart three times during the plying process. All it means is that there are three small knots in this 95g, 340m skein, but I think it was perhaps worth incurring those for the drape that the yarn might have (and the valuable experience!) This won’t be the most hardwearing yarn, perhaps, but might make some interesting bold lace? Or chuck it in a nice bowl and look at it.

The Rainbow (with Black and White)

The third yarn is a monster 155g skein of 3-ply heavy-fingering verging on light sportweight yarn, measuring over 400m. It is composed of 50% Bluefaced Leicester, 37% merino and 13% bamboo fibre. This skein wanders progressively through eight different shades and colours, starting at white into red, moving all the way through to rainbow to purple and then moving into black. There is a bit in the middle where the rainbow may have got a bit drunk and the yellow wandered off for a few metres, but thats where the science of planning and the realities of learning diverged a bit.

Each of the yarns has its own characteristics and traits. None will be perfect, but each will hopefully be lovely.

The Giveaway

As there are three yarns, There will be three giveaways. One here on, one on Facebook and another on Instagram. You can enter all three, which means that you could actually win all three yarns. I’ll draw the winner of the first yarn on this site, they can choose which of the three skeins they would like, then I will draw a winner from the Instagram entries, who can choose from the two remaining skeins, and the third skein will go to the winner of the Facebook draw a few days later.

Chance To Win #1: Enter On This Site

Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favourite ice cream flavour*, or your favourite sweet food if you don’t like ice cream. Don’t forget to enter an email address so that I can contact you if you win. I will draw a winner on Tuesday 27th February, at 8pm GMT.

Chance To Win #2: Enter on Instagram

Head over to Instagram and find the GIVEAWAY post on my profile (my username is mimicodd). You will have to be following me on Instagram to enter, and to confirm your entry simply leave a comment on the giveaway post telling me about your favourite toy from your childhood*. I will draw an Instagram winner on Thursday 1st March, at 8pm GMT.

Chance To Win #3: Enter On Facebook

Head over to the Facebook group page. Like & follow the page and leave a comment on the giveaway post telling me what you’d name a new dinosaur species* if you discovered one and had free reign to give it a name of your choice. I will draw an Instagram winner on Saturday 3rd March, at 8pm GMT.

*There is no right or wrong answer, but I also wanted a reason to smile. I put many hours into creating these yarns, and hopefully they’ll make the recipient smile, but I thought we all might also have a few more smiles in the process!







42 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win Three Skeins Of Handspun Yarn!”

  • I think the best ice cream I have ever had was in my mid 20’s in a gelato shop we stumbled across in the back streets of Verona. I was youth hostelling with three good friends. It was hot, I had new shoes that were killing my feet and we’d been sight seeing since breakfast. I don’t remember the name; but the taste reminded me of ferrero rocher chocolates. It was so creamy and nutty and chocolatey. Every time I see a similar flavour I have to try it but nothing has ever lived up to that Verona ice cream.

  • When I was little my grandparents used to take me to a dairy at the edge of town for ice cream. I always picked bubble gum flavor becos it was the only place I could get it – most ice cream shops only offered basic flavors. That dairy ceased operation years ago but I can still smell the farmy slightly sour smell, hear the whoosh of the AC when you opened the door and see the refrigerators and freezers where customers could get milk, eggs and plastic buckets of ice cream. To this day I’ve never found another bubble gum ice cream like the one I enjoyed as a kid.

  • You are so incredibly sweet and generous to put your beautiful fiber work into the world to be adopted. May your generosity be returned to you many fold. My favorite ice cream was my Grandma’s vanilla custard. She would meticulously cook it and we’d impatiently wait for it to cool before we’d take turns hand cranking it for nearly an hour. A bit of the rock salt would always find its way into the custard, giving it the perfect sweet and salty balance. It was a simple pleasure in the summer and one that I hope to remember always.

  • My favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip!

    Thanks for this most generous giveaway – I can’t wait to begin spinning myself!

  • My favorite ice cream is moose tracks, this has peanut butter, fudge, and vanilla ice cream!! I also love plain vanilla with vanilla bean shavings. ☺️

  • How could I pick? I’m a fan of chocolate chip cookie dough. Good vanillas or sweet creams. Maybe some good strawberry too.

  • My favorite is earl grey by Molly moon, though tonight I had coconut chocolate chunk and almond which was almost as good as my favorite

  • My favourite is blood orange sorbet. Really sharp and refreshing on a hot day! What a lovely idea to share your handspun yarns. Hopefully you will enjoy seeing them knitted up!

  • Thank you so much for these beautiful giveaways! My favorite ice creams are always when I travel because they are so special to my tastebuds! Creme de Catalan in Spain, Hokey Pokey in New Zealand, pistachio gelato in Italy, and street vendor chocolate coated vanilla in Russia! At home my favorite is Moose Tracks!

  • Hi Mimi, I really love the 3rd skein. It makes me think about the crazy zauberball that you love so much ! I don’t like ice cream too much but my favorite sweet is fruit pie especially my mom’s rhubarb pie <3

  • Banana split ice cream: strawberries, bananas, orange juice and (sometimes) walnuts. Can’t get it in a store, but if you’ll come to visit me, I’ll make us some. 😊

  • I am lactose intolerant so ice cream is a big no no for me. I love macaroons. I hold them to a high standard so I only buy them from a few places but man oh man, when they are done right…they are to die for!

  • I’m a music teacher, and one of the most catchy songs I teach to my younger pupils begins with the line , ‘My best ice cream is bananas and peas’! They always sing it and play it with great gusto, I find myself singing it without even realising sometimes, and it always brings a smile to my face, so that’s my favourite!

  • Cute questions. My Favourite sweet food: une barbe à papa, or in english Cotton Candy. Actually wish I had one now. 🤔

  • My favourite ice cream is one I discovered in Paphos in Cyprus. It is only available when the fruits are in season and it is the most glorious intense tangy but sweet Blood Orange flavour. It doesn’t matter what time we arrive there I make a beeline straight to the shop for my ice cream fix !

  • I love to visit mieles ice cream shop in lossiemouth, they serve the best gelato ever, Turkish delight is my favourite

  • Hi Mimi xx beautiful yarns you are so clever and they look pretty darn perfect to me! Ooh I’m torn! My favourite flavour is the trusty mint choc chip, I think it ties my memories back to childhood when we would have vienetta for ‘afters’ as a treat, they did a mint one (I’m sure?) and I like the way the chocolate slithers got in the way haha xx

  • Ooh, my favourite flavour is Ben and Jerry”s Phish Food. I love the marshmallow and caramel swirls, and the chocolate fish are the best tiny surprises. Your yarns (and you) are cute af btw.

  • Mint chocolate chip! Although praline pecan at a local shop is mighty delicious. They also have a great coffee with dark chocolate chunks.

  • Such a tough choice. I think my current favorite flavor is red bean. I love having it at Japanese restaurants. That said, I haven’t made it from scratch yet, and those hand cranked goodies are sublime.

  • My favourite ice cream used to be real vanilla, podded vanilla with all the seeds mmm, but can’t eat anymore, doesn’t like me, so now my go to is home made scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam (no sugar) mmm.

  • My all time favourite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I can’t find it in the shops anymore so haven’t had it ages.

  • This is a tough one but I think I would have to say my favourite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s phish food. You get chocolate, marshmallow and ice cream. You definitely have to wait for it to start melting and then mix it all up ! Just like everyone did as a kid! #nevertoold

  • My favorite flavor would be buttered pecan, but mint and coffee are definitely up there! Your yarns are gorgeous, especially that blue. Thanks for giving all of us this opportunity.

  • They are all so beautiful. My favourite ice cream was peach made by an old Italian man in my little Scottish town. He only made it in summer when he could get fresh,ripe peaches and it tasted like summer and was the colour of yarn heaven.

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