Another Hat & Testing Times

Another Hat & Testing Times

I’ve been knitting away at the test knitalong for my latest design and have happily drawn together the last few crown stitches, woven in the ends and added a pompom for my own project. A wonderful and lovely team are currently in the process of doing the same before all the facts and data can be put together with suggestions to hopefully bring the pattern together ready for publishing.

At the moment I am quite focussed on gauge differences and the elements that affect row gauge, as the test knit is bringing about some variation between knitters.

Two knitted hats, each with a pom pom and patterned with diamond shaped cables.

There are so many factors at play when determining gauge that when a design or project contains a lot elements that can affect gauge, it can be difficult to narrow down what is causing the difference, and though there is a definite starting point in tackling variations in stitch gauge, it isn’t always so easy to remedy differences in row gauge as first you need to get into your best Lt. Columbo mode and work through each of the variables. (Just one more thing…)

Once I get the stats back from the rest of the test-knit team I will start working on working through which elements need to be further worked on to tighten the pattern up to eliminate as many deviations from the finished product as possible, reconfirming important instructions and pattern notes and providing more explicit instruction where required. I’m always a bit nervous and anxious when working through a test knit as I want to provide the best possible experience for the test knitters in a test environment which, by it’s very design, is there to dig up and expose potential problems. I am, as always, very grateful to all of the expertise that the wonderful knitting community provides in all forms, and with a couple of super-warm and squishy hats as we move into the colder months I am looking forwards to getting the first new design in a long while out into the wild.

A pile of two knitted hats in grey and white


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