A Gift For Dad (Tutorial): Multi-Aperture Photo Frame Papercut

A Gift For Dad (Tutorial): Multi-Aperture Photo Frame Papercut

As Father’s Day approached last month I found myself getting quite nervous as to what Darwin and I should give to the most perfect and loving daddy in the world. Not only was the task of giving something adequately meaningful huge within itself, but boy did I have a precedence to live up to, as a few months previously my husband and baby boy had put together their skill, imagination and cuteness to make me something to truly cherish.

And so I wanted something beautiful, and handmade, but something that I could make whilst I was alone in the house with a toddler full of boisterous fun. And so I decided to make a simple photo frame to hold a series of photos of father and son at various points from the day of his birth until very recently. It’s a really simple but effective little project and quick to make, so I’ve put together a downloadable template at the end of this post in case you know a daddy as special as my husband.

What you need

  • A copy of the downloadable PDF template and a printer
  • Two sheets of lightweight card stock in complementary but contrasting shades
  • Selection of photographs measuring a little over 5x5cm (2×2″)
  • Photo frame to hold a print 25x20cm (10×8″)
  • Scalpel/craft knife and cutting mat
  • Adhesive or tape

This simple project is achieved by printing the downloadable PDF template onto the reverse of two differently coloured pieces of card. The look of the final piece will be determined largely by your choice of colours and the frame that they are mounted in. Using a craft knife and self-healing cutting mat, carefully cut out all of the shaded areas from the reverse side of each piece of card.

Using an adhesive that will not warp the card, align the upper lower layers and fix together in a few places to keep the layers in place, making sure that the lower layer shows through equally on each letter aperture.

The fun bit comes, of course, with choosing which of your cherished photos to place in each of the apertures. I decided to choose five moments in chronological order from birth to 20 months, just before Father’s Day.

Once you’ve decided on the final selection, align each of the snapshots in their spot and affix with small pieces of tape before trimming the final piece to size and framing.

Russell loved the commemoration of just a few of the beautiful Daddy & Son moments that he’s shared with our little boy, and though I don’t think anything will ever top my Mother’s Day gift, I was glad that we were able to present him with something both handmade and very personal.

Download the free I LOVE YOU DADDY papercut to print and make your own personalised gift for the amazing daddy that you know, perfect for Father’s Day, Birthday, or any other special occasion.

2 thoughts on “A Gift For Dad (Tutorial): Multi-Aperture Photo Frame Papercut”

  • They are both really nice ideas! I love how your whole family loves celebrating being a family, you can tell you really love each other and you seem such a happy mom!

    I’m confused how you had this painting back in March if it was a Mother’s Day gift, though? Is it from last year?

    • Thank you, Joanna. Yes, I really do enjoy having my family at the centre of my world. Waking up each day with love for the people I share my life with is amazing.

      Mother’s Day in the UK is different from most other places as it’s tied to a period of time before Easter, so this year it was on March 26th 🙂

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