Hats In June: Hot Weather Knitting Woes

Hats In June: Hot Weather Knitting Woes

My knitting motivation has been a bit thin on the ground these past two weeks. Some warmer-than-usual June weather in the UK turned my greenhouse of a living room into a suburban sauna and brought my hat progress to a crashing halt. Though Talmadge is a light, lace hat designed for summer use, the thought of wearing or indeed knitting a hat on days when I would have considered shaving all of my hair off to get a few Celsius relief just seemed unbearable.

Though I have the vast majority of the main body of the hat knit it is the fast-approaching brim that is providing a bit of resistance to me picking up the needles of an evening still. If you were to ask me what my least favourite stitch of all time might be, I would always answer moss stitch (or seed stitch, for those who sympathise transatlantically). I have never really enjoyed the rhythm of 1×1 rib or its shifty cousin Moss, but though I can appreciate springy Rib’s qualities and aesthetic, Moss stitch just does nothing for me on either score. So, to try and crack on with finishing this hat and to avoid leaving it languishing I think I’ll swap it out for a mistake rib of some form (perhaps a garter rib variation) to keep the full width of the brim and keep the curl at bay.

Whether I finish this hat before the July 6th release of the next instalment of A Year Of Techniques will depend on a number of factors, chief of which remains the weather. Wish for me a few overcast days and no dropped stitches and I may have a completed cloche for you in a week…

2 thoughts on “Hats In June: Hot Weather Knitting Woes”

  • Hang on in there, and substitute away for the stitch pattern on the brim! Or just save the yarn for something else. It’s meant to be fun. 🙂 I hope next month’s project will re-spark your mojo lovely. xxx

  • It was going well up until we hit that hot spell. I’ve cracked on and reached the brim now, and for the brim I’ve gone with the stitch I used for my Dextrous Mitts so it’s subtle enough not to look too dissimilar from the moss stitch but the alternating rows of garter are just that bit of welcome relief…

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