Guest Post: Stitch Envy

Guest Post: Stitch Envy

Guest post by Russell Codd

Have you ever had knitting envy?

I don’t mean that you look at someone’s finished object and wish that you could knit as well as that, or had the ability to design that pattern. I don’t mean that you wish you could learn a new technique that you just saw so that you can add to your repository of talents. No, I mean the envy of being able to knit effortlessly.

What do I mean by that? Mimi and I often sit in the evening and catch up on whichever latest TV series has caught our attentions and I get envious of Mimi knitting. I should say: of her ability to knit; to knit without seemingly paying attention to the unfolding garment in her hands. I can sit and play a puzzle game on my phone but then I’m neither watching or listening to the episode, whereas Mimi is somehow paying full attention to every scene change, every nuance of dialogue, with only the briefest of glances down to change a needle or mark a line on a knitting chart.

To sit and just watch TV is too passive, but to play on my phone takes up too much of my attention, and so I was envious of what Mimi could do with her knitting. I say ‘was’ envious because thanks to her birthday gift to me I am now producing my first ever cross stitch.

Cross stitch Mario

I have my chart, I have my needle and threads, and I have a hoop to hold my Aida cloth. Most of all though, I have a hobby that I can slowly pick away at in the evening. A hobby that has definite milestones to reach when I finish each row or eventually each picture. A hobby that lets me watch TV without completely missing the action.

A hobby that cures my knitting envy.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Stitch Envy”

  • It’s been a few years since I did any cross stitch but those are looking like pretty neat stitches if you’ve only just started. My first pieces had the crosses going in both directions and in two places a strand had gone across two blocks. It was awful but I was so darn proud!

  • The whole reason I started knitting was because when I was small we had only one TV in the ‘family room’. My dad had his choice of shows, which neither my mom or I were interested in, but mom would just knit away, with the rubbish shows playing in the background. After failing to convince dad that I should occasionally watch shows that I might like, I asked my mom to teach me to knit instead.

  • Oh, this reminds me of when our children were tiny – my hubby had a go at cross stitch – nursery themed – while I knit my first wearable cardi! Happy memories 😊

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