Hyacinthus Arm Warmers

Hyacinthus Arm Warmers

Finished in early March, the first project from A Year Of Techniques was a pair of Hyacinthus Armwarmers knit in my favourite yarn, Zauberball.

Knit over the course of a week, this simple little project pretty much flew off the needles. With minimal shaping and simple instructions, the technique (single row helical stripes) is really allowed to shine through perfect pairing of yarn and project.

I wound the ball into two smaller skeins using a ball winder and a large pyrex bowl. I have found that as long as the bowl containing the zauberball is smooth enough to allow the ball to bounce freely around whilst being wound, the re-winding is very simple. A spare hand used to guide (rather than tension) the yarn helps avoid any knots or tangles forming as the yarn is wound.

For the first time in all my Zauberball knitting projects, my yarn had a knot with a large colour jump, requiring a bit of yarn surgery. If it hadn’t been for the leap in colours, there would have been enough yarn for two pairs of armwarmers, even at the extended length to which I knit mine (6.25″ before thumb gusset increases).

Sometimes a simple design is the most effective, and this technique and pattern both offer a fantastic way to make the most of a beautiful yarn with long colour transitions, such as my most darling Zauberball. I’m not going to wish away my summer, but I know at least that when the colder weather does arrive that I’ll be meeting it with a burst of colour.

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