The Mother Of Invention

The Mother Of Invention

Sometimes it seems as is my little guy seems to have been teething from the moment he burst into the world. We’ve been lucky that apart from the usual toothy grumbles they haven’t caused him too much trouble, and he’s slept well through his teething troubles. However, when we went into the nursery to wake up our little bundle of dribble over the Bank Holiday weekend, a sure sign that some teething had occurred in the night greeted us with the sight gnawed bits of wood everywhere.

I’m going to be honest and say that it was both upsetting and worrying. There were tiny spots of blood on his sheet and he seemed to have cut his lip a tiny bit. The idea of splinters and flecks of paint affecting him was quite distressing, and both he and the cot clearly needed protecting immediately.

Cot ‘teething rail protectors’ are available online, but as I searched for a solution it seemed that the plastic ones were widely reported to just fall off and the fabric version, a favourite of many Etsy sellers, relied on the cot having vertical bars all around, to tie the rail protector to, whereas the cot in our nursery has solid wooden ends.

As I needed something both immediate, hard-wearing, and not too expensive, I picked up a half metre of heavy grosgrain-type cotton from Ikea for £3, as their heavyweight upholstery fabrics are perfect for the tough pressures of a munchy one year old. I had some Vilene Fusible Fleece left over from some past bag projects to provide extra cushioning and hit the shops for a bit of the magical joy that is Velcro. I needed velcro to stick to the cot, but also to sew to the rail cover, and lo and behold Hobbycraft actually stocks a half and half Velcro strip.

cot with teething rail cover

The rail cover is fitted to the cot with velcro front and back, along the entire length, for maximum toddler-resistant hold. Fabric ties help to keep the ends of the rail cover over the outer edges for complete protection. The rail cover is functional, hard-wearing, and as simple as possible. I decided to go for a colour that matched the cot as closely as possible so as not to draw attention to the cover as something that should be explored and removed.

I’m happy to say that three nights later there is nothing more than the faint impression of a few light experimental tooth marks, and the toothy little monster has shown no further interest in his side-line as a beaver!


6 thoughts on “The Mother Of Invention”

  • My daughter chewed up her crib rail and son chewed and pried up the plastic rails. We wrapped the rails in elastic bandages. Your rail cover is a much elegant solution.

  • Hope you don’t mind, I sent a screen shot of the damage and then the very elegant cover up to my daughter who has a six month old to prepare her for what may be to come! My youngest daughter did this but even she didn’t get down to the wood – at least you know Darwin has strong teeth!

    • No, of course I don’t mind! Hopefully your daughter won’t have such a munchy monster as this one, but at least if she does she’ll know that she isn’t alone and that it is just one of those things that some toddlers do!

  • My older one didn’t go through the chewing the crib stage but he chewed everything else. My other one, on the other hand, also chewed on his crib…and anything he could get his hands on. We had to get a fleece crib rail cover but we had slats so we were able to get the commercial kind (and if we couldn’t have, for whatever reason, I would have probably cried because I can’t sew for poo).

    In other words, you’re not the only one that has been there 🙂

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