Finished and Blocked: Brambling Shawl in Fyberspates Cumulus

Finished and Blocked: Brambling Shawl in Fyberspates Cumulus

The blocking thread has finally been pulled free of my Brambling Shawl, and the finished piece is ready for a photograph, even if I have to pull a few funny shapes so that I can stand back far enough from it to get the whole length in shot. It’s quite generously proportioned without being bulky or overwhelming; it is a shallow triangle more scarf-like in wear than a traditional shawl to cover the shoulders and back. It’s light as a feather. It’s warm, and it is soft.

Brambling shawl finished

This is the first of Bristol Ivy’s designs that I have ever knit, and my biggest appreciation of this particular knit comes from the immaculate pairing of yarn and project. Though I found the Cumulus yarn tricky to work at times (mostly when working M1R increases with the blunt-ish tip pf a 4mm needle) it was worth the perseverance, as the halo on the yarn perfectly softens the angular lines made by decreases and interruption to smooth stockinette that increases can sometimes result in. The effect is to draw the eye away from the structure of the knitted fabric and to widen the focus to the entire project, and the play of shapes and colours.

I have enough yarn remaining from knitting this shawl to make another of similar size. I’m not usually one to be too precious about keeping my yarn leftovers, but most of my yarn is smooth in texture, so this is a bit different from most of my stash. I may knit a similar project of sweeping lines, perhaps working shaping rows every 3rd (instead of 4th) row, and shifting the colours at a frequency to suit, or it could work to line or blend with another yarn for some particularly warm mittens. I’ll likely sit on the prospect a long while as I don’t think the shawl is a pattern that I would knit again immediately (and I rarely knit a pattern more than once), and the thought of winter mittens is a long way off. More importantly, I’m currently enjoying knitting my next exciting project from the Year Of Techniques series.

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