New Name, New Start

New Name, New Start

A new website identity is a big thing, and a big step to make. Will people be interested, will they be able to find me? It’s not easy, but it is necessary. Like many people, I’ve made a number of difficult ‘new starts’ in my lifetime, from minor ones to a major table-flip-your-entire-life change, where I started again with no clothes, no possessions and no idea of the future.

The greatest thing that has ever happened in my life is my little nuclear family. Myself, my husband and my little boy. Though we knew from long before our wedding day that we wanted to be together, forever, I think the moment that put the seal on a permanent difference in my life that I would never again want to change was when I took my new name when I married. Changing a name at marriage is a very personal thing, and not everyone wants to or even agrees with the concept; both points of view I can totally understand, but it was the one bit about my wedding day I most anticipated. I’d carried two different surnames as a child; both inherited from people that had flown into and back out of my life before I was old enough to remember them, and I’d carried the second stranger’s name for my life up until that moment, when I took to share the name of someone I could truly love and admire. Now three of us share that name, and it’s a name that I am very proud to wear.

My family life is all-encompassing. I have left work for a few years to spend the first formative years with my child. All other parts of my personality and life are still intact, but now they are often covered in jammy handprints, or have the corners gnawed by particularly munchy toddler teeth, and I am happy.

So, it has time to cast away the pseudonym and step into the world as a ‘me’ that I am proud of, and so here I am, Mimi Codd, with my new website. I hope you like it.

8 thoughts on “New Name, New Start”

  • I love your name….I also like the way you can play with it (words are funny clever things in a strange mind like mine) so to me there’s a mimic odd….which as its your name I’m sure you are aware of…it’s cool!

  • Huzzah for being in control of your own name 🙂
    I got married a couple of months ago and changed my name as well. I found it really interesting the reactions it caused. A few of my work colleagues seemed very surprised! Personally I want to share a name with my husband. He offered to take mine but I thought it made more sense to take his (I figure the paperwork is probably easier for a woman than a man).

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