FO: Little Man At Work – Tools Of The Trade

FO: Little Man At Work – Tools Of The Trade

Three long months have passed since I last updated this website, but I am sure that readers will forgive me as I have been working hard at the biggest project of my life: the never-ending WIP that is the Eskimini.

In the last three weeks alone, Baby Awesome has sat up from a laying position, then learned to crawl (then learned to crawl really fast) popped up his very first tooth and now he is to be found standing up next to any piece of furniture that he can get his hands on… It’s all very sudden and scary. Oh, and today he ate his first Jaffa Cake, which is obviously the achievement I am most proud of.

But I thought that all of this constant love and attention that Daddy Awesome and I heap upon him can’t just be given away for nothing, and that it is high time that Baby Awesome earned his keep. Therefore I have chosen for him a trade that he can both use to earn a bit of money and step in to do all of those outstanding DIY jobs. To welcome him to the world of work I have furnished him with his very own handmade tool belt.

“Can’t stop, mum, I’ve got a washing machine that needs staring at”.

I found this cute tool set and belt on Spoonflower, as a ready-printed sheet of fabric, but unfortunately the design appears to be no longer available for purchase, such is the length of time that it has taken me to actually make the set.

But now that I have finally dusted the sewing machine off I have another project planned, and if I happen to run into any troubles with the workings of the sewing machine, I know just the little guy to call to help fix it for me.

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