Bud To Bloom In Marshmallow Cloud: Kits Now Available

Bud To Bloom In Marshmallow Cloud: Kits Now Available


In an extraordinary show of generosity and support, It’s A Stitch Up have announced the availability of a limited number of kits in support of Refuge, a charity which does a great amount of work to support women and children escaping domestic abuse.

The kit includes both skeins of yarn needed to complete the two hats above: Bloomin’ Marvellous on the left and Little Bud on the right, as well as an eBook containing both patterns. The kit retails at £28, which represents great value for money when costing up the price of the yarns and patterns separately, but even more importantly, £5 from every kit sold will go to Refuge.

If you are a buyer who has already purchased a copy of the eBook and are interested in the kit, please let me know and I will refund you the original price of the standalone eBook back to you, so you can get yourself even more of a special treat of a deal.
The yarn included in the kit is It’s A Stitch Up’s hand-dyed Marshmallow Cloud. It is super-silky baby alpaca, dyed to be as rich and sumptuous to the eye as well as to handle. The yarn is a chunky-weight yarn, but incredibly light to handle. Each of the light and long fibres is incredibly smooth, dyed beautifully with no matting or felting of the delicate wisps of baby alpaca. There is a generous 100m (109 yards) to each 100g skein, and it is a perfect yarn for accessories such as hats, as it is so very warm without any itchiness at all. Baby Awesome and I wore our matching hats out to the supermarket yesterday, pompoms bobbling brightly in the cold, and we remained as snug as two little bugs.

Buying this kit will not only give you a wonderful sense of warmth on your head, but also inside, knowing that you are helping those in need. To make your halo extra shiny, you can also rest assured that your yarn is ethically sourced and spun. The fibre for this yarn is sourced from Peru, where it is hand-sorted through two rounds of grading to ensure that only the finest fibres from the first shearings of the baby alpaca make it through. The fibre sorters and farmers are fairly paid for their work by a mill based in the UK where the yarn is spun, which also provides and education program for the children of the workers and farmers that provide their skills and expertise to produce the fibre.

The Marshmallow Cloud yarn is available in a number of shades, from bright solids and semi solids, through variegated and pastel tones, and each skein can be purchased separately for £14.

Find out more about It’s A Stitch Up’s yarns and patterns by visiting the online store.

To read more about the eBook project and the two patterns within it, please do find a moment to read this post. Thank you once more for your support and care, and happy knitting!

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