Growing Knitting And Growing

Growing Knitting And Growing

Now that Baby Awesome has returned to good health, days are a more manageable mixture of play and rest, as days have made way for giggles and exploration of new ways to move and new things to do, which in turn are tiring enough to allow for the occasional nap. When the Eskimini sleeps it allows for Eskimimi making things, and at the moment I am using that time to put my feed up with an episode of Columbo as I make my way steadily through the entire all-seasons box set, and sit down with some easy but fun knitting.

As for the little prince himself, yesterday we reached a new mini milestone when, at 16 weeks old, he turned from his back fully to his front. Though yesterday he just lay there, calmly, today he is happy to lie with his held aloft as he tries to reach out with his hands in front of him to bear his weight, knees bend behind him as if he was trying to swim across the floor. It puts me in mind that one day he will be crawling, then walking and talking, and though these will be the most wonderful and amazing firsts, I also wish that I could just slow time down and enjoy these days. For now i shall go back to my pot of tea, the warmth of the knitting on my lap and the mixed sounds of a few gentle baby snores and Columbo’s latest deductions.

5 thoughts on “Growing Knitting And Growing”

  • It must be a struggle to fit time in for crafting around a new baby, something I’ve to look forward to in April!! Your knitty project is looking beautiful so far, love those colours.

  • Congrats on the first roll. My DD also rolled from her back to tummy 1st. And then started sleeping that way, which is of course against what they initially tell you, but she could not be stopped. Glad to hear you are enjoying your days. How long are you off work for? (sjn821 on Rav)

  • Stormageddon did that. He had a big brother and dog to catch! He’s almost a year older and has figured out how to climb onto the living room chairs and the couch. Thankfully, he’s not quite figured out how to get out of his crib now that we’ve dropped it to the absolute bottom.

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