Baby’s Knitted Cardigan And Trousers

Baby’s Knitted Cardigan And Trousers

The recent freezing temperatures mean that hand knits have never been so very appreciated, and as Baby Awesome hit his four month milestone at the weekend we celebrated with lots of warm cuddles and lunch out with friends. Darwin also enjoyed feeling warm and cosy in one of the first hand knitted outfits I made for him: a Striped Cardigan and Snuggly Trousers combo. Though the cardigan was knit from a well-established Debbie Bliss pattern, the trousers were of my own design, and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with both the fit and the wear. I made the rise very generous to cope with having to fit over a baby nappy, and they fit his little legs just perfectly, and I think the whole ensemble looks particularly smart!

This little guy is growing so quickly that he is in 6-9 month clothing for both his hand knit and shop bought items, so I will soon have to get knitting some more items, otherwise he will be out of hand knits in only a few more weeks, and then I’ll run out of excuses reasons to post cute baby pictures!


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