Have A Crabby Christmas – Baby Awesome’s Christmas Message

Have A Crabby Christmas – Baby Awesome’s Christmas Message

Wishing warmth and joy to all readers and friends of this blog!

There have not been many words and pictures that have found their way to these pages over the past few weeks. Though I have done the odd creative thing here and there, much of my time has been spent singing to Baby Awesome, talking a particularly enthusiastic form of baby babble, and playing ‘Poke Mr Crab’, who is either Baby Awesome’s best friend or greatest foe… I can’t quite tell.

This video was made nearly 6 weeks ago, and his strange attraction to red crab toys was already in full swing. He’s 13 weeks old now, and has a second crabby toy friend, who may make an appearance in the follow up to the above smash hit, in Baby Vs Crab: Claws At Dawn.

To celebrate Baby Awesome’s first Christmas with us I have made him a little decoration for the tree, and to make it as personal to his early interests as possible, it is in the form of a jolly red crab. As if his colour were not festive enough, he carries with him a traditional striped candy cane, though I have to keep replacing it as i find myself peckish and keep pinching it back off of Mr Crab.

Now that Baby Awesome has started to enjoy a bit more interactive play with a few of his toys I hope to find a bit more time to get back to knitting and sewing in the New Year, and it’s been brilliant to actually put the finishing touches to a completed item in the form of Christmas Crab, as he is the first item I have actually completed since our new family member was born, so no matter how small an object, it feels like a big thing to have done.

Myself and Mr Awesome, and especially baby Awesome would like to wish all readers and friends of this website all the warmth of the season, and all the best wishes for the most amazing 2016. I will finish this year with a few festive pictures of Baby Awesome.

We’ll be back in 2016!


9 thoughts on “Have A Crabby Christmas – Baby Awesome’s Christmas Message”

  • It truly is a BIG thing to finish a crafty item with a newborn on the scene. Well done! Don’t let anyone diminish this achievement. Now, I apologise in advance because I cannot help myself – I need to share a joke for your Christmas bon bons: “What did the crab get when he crawled across the beach at Christmas time? “Sandy Claws!” Haha/Groan (cross out whichever does not apply!) Have a lovely family Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I absolutely love the pudding sleeper. So funny which objects little ones fixate on. I need to think back to when DD was this age; a lot happens in 3.5 years. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (And I think I did very little knitting or other crafting those 1st few months.) Hope you had a wonderful 1st Christmas with Darwin. (sjn821 on Rav)

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