Wearing Rainbows (Cute Baby In Knitwear Alert)

Wearing Rainbows (Cute Baby In Knitwear Alert)

Knitting whilst I was pregnant felt like a wonderful thing. It made me look forwards to the impending birth (or, rather, welcoming our little boy to our lives) and helped me through the nervousness and weeks of feeling like I wanted to be doing something towards the future. However, for every cute thing that was knit I felt like I had an interminable wait until the day that my little one would finally get to wear the finished piece, and who doesn’t want to see hand knitted lovely things on cute babies?

Baby Awesome suits a rainbow, and like all babies he is extra squishy and cuddly when kept warmed by the love and comfort of hand knits.

These pictures feel somewhat poignant for me today, as last night Mr Awesome and I had to go through all of Baby Awesome’s clothes to put aside all of the newborn and 0-3 month old shop bought items to pass on to other new parents or to charity (I’d like to donate the items to a women’s refuge charity if possible). Saying goodbye to the smallest little suits was quite sad in a way, to see how much our little man has grown, and so quickly. He is not yet 8 weeks old, but his 0-3 clothes are too short now… He is in the 99.7th percentile for height, but not quite as high in the weight charts, so he is growing to be tall and slim, like his daddy. AT least this means that all of his hand knit jumpers and cardigans should fit him a little longer!

There are still plenty of knitwear items knit by both myself and a few kind friends that he is yet to wear, but he is just about ready to grow into them, so there will be many more baby knitwear photos to come in the next few weeks!

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