A Quick Scrabble To Decorate

A Quick Scrabble To Decorate

Last year, as a Secret Santa gift from a partner on a website that I visit, I received a set of Scrabble Coasters in a tin. Two of each letter plus ‘special’ squares (centre, triple and double letter and words scores), all made of the dry cardboard that traditional pub beer mats are made from. They have sat unused on the table in their decorative tin as it seemed a bit of a shame to risk them getting wet and old (which, being coasters, they’d be likely to do). The other day Mr Awesome picked the tin up and asked what we were to do with them, and so we decided to stick them on the wall.
As the ’tiles’ are secured using only blu tack it makes a great temporary piece of wall art, perfect for those living in student accommodation or for anyone wanting to decorate for a particular occasion, such as a special birthday, engagement or seasonal holiday.

We went with our family names and the thing that ties us all together! To get the tiles lined up as accurately as possible, Mr Awesome used a combination of a plumb line hastily constructed from a weight on a bit of string and a phone app that acts as a spirit level.

To look its best, the selection of words should fit together with common letters, as in an actual game of Scrabble.

this is a very quick and simple way to bring a bit of joy to our large, empty wall, and perfectly compliments a framed piece we received for our wedding, which hangs on the wall opposite.

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