When In Doubt, Knit Socks

When In Doubt, Knit Socks

Over the past few days I have felt a slight return to myself after the birth, and with the shock of a new routine not lead by me and all its demands slowly settling in I thought I might like to take up just a bit of knitting, to hopefully bring with it some return to my notion of self.

When I have decided to return to knitting after  big occasion, either very busy, deliriously happy or in some occasions traumatic, I have usually had a good think about what kind of project I might best tackle for my current frame of mind, and so with busy days, many new tasks, a lot of noise and a decent amount of lost sleep, I thought some simple, vanilla socks would be just the ticket.
The only problem with stockinette socks is that they can sometimes feel a bit dull to knit. They are almost so far into the comfort zone that they become a little boring, and to counter this I often feel I need some semblance of surprise, which is why choosing good, fun yarn is absolutely key for me.

These socks are for Mr Awesome, so there is a lot of knitting involved as much like the rest of him, his feet are big. So, I decided that stripes were in order, but as I no more fancy fiddling around with lots of little balls of yarn than I do weaving in all of the ends, I managed to hunt down some of Regia’s Pairfect yarn. This yarn is supplied in 100g balls and promises a matching pair of socks each time. The ball can be knit from the centre for top-down socks, or from the outside if you wish to knit toe up. Each ball starts with a length of yellow ‘scrap’ yarn. You cast on from the point where this yellow yarn changes to the first of the colours for the cuff, and then knit the cuff and seven stripes of colour before knitting the heel, foot and toe in the solid colour.
Once the first sock is complete you wind any remaining yarn until reaching the second section of yellow scrap yarn and repeat the entire process until you have a perfectly matching pair of socks.

I have deviated from the instructions slightly to wind the skein into two smaller balls so that I can knit both socks simultaneously on on long circular via magic loop, which I really did because I did not trust myself not to get hit by a case of Second Sock Syndrome, where I might find myself presenting my husband with another orphan foot-covering.

As well as playing with a new form of yarn to reinstate my knitting mojo I am also enjoying the excitement of knitting with the new circular needle I treated myself to (because I am so very rock n’ roll): one of the Knitpro Kubics brass needles. I have knit with Knitpro Kubics before, though only in the larger sized wooden tips. The smaller metal needles are wonderfully comfortable for socks and the relaxed balanced grip and smooth surface has helped my stitches fly along in the rare quiet moment that I have to knit.

Hopefully the combination of needles and fun new yarn will help ensure that these socks do not languish unfinished as at the moment I am very much enjoying this simplest of knitting projects.

5 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Knit Socks”

  • There is something soothing about some mindless knitting that we all need at some point in our lives. Love the yarn; going ot have to check it out!

    Enjoy that little one!

  • Such a simple idea for the perfect pair, I wonder if more companies will follow suit? I am currently knitting my first pair of socks so I’m a bit of a newbie. I am knitting mine separately on 3 needles but I am wondering if you know of any tutorials to knit them both at the same time as you are doing? x

    • Hi Sharon,

      I have found this book which would seem to cover how to nit two at a time on a circular needle, but I have never seen nor read it so can’t suggest how helpful it is. I have seen pictures of the set-up on the internet before so didn’t read any instructions, just cast on as per the pictures i had seen in the past. I have just Googled the term ‘two at a time socks’ and it looks like there are quite a few appropriate tutorials, though again I haven’t read any of them to recommend one, I’m afraid 🙁

      It’s certainly a quick way of ensuring you don’t get Second Sock Syndrome, though!

  • Someone has had their thinking cap on when designing that ball of yarn. How cool! I can see how it solves all sorts of problems for sock/mitt knitters (and crocheters!).
    Glad you are feeling a bit more like yourself – it is important for mums to make time for themselves a priority.

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