WIP: A Shawl In The Wrong Yarn

WIP: A Shawl In The Wrong Yarn

Free shipping is an awful thing. Really, the temptation to bump an order over a specific price point to meet the minimum spend to qualify for free shipping is the reason behind a fair chunk of my stash, and so when I purchased the yarn for what I shall call the Mystery Ear Project* and a little cardigan, somehow a Zauberball fell into my online basket. So… oops. The fact that it pretty much doubled the price of the order but did take it over the minimum spend for free shipping may have been a factor in its journey to me.
However, the yarn was not a stash item, as I had decided that after all of the recent baby knitting, that I would knit something for myself, and decided that it was time to design a new shawl. I liked the muted, autumnal colours of the Wer Hat Die Kokosnuss colourway and thought that it would make a nice knit for the season.

After a number of days swatching stitches and charting patterns and repeats, working out what shape I wanted my finished shawl and the progressions in motifs I’d take to get there, I felt confident in my pattern and so brought this new little beauty out of its temporary resting spot to become something new.

But, for some reason, I just didn’t like the way it was working with the pattern. Something in me wanted the Zauberball to work within something more graphically striking than the lace patterns I had been working on. But on the other hand I also loved the lace that I had started. So, with a heavy heart I started to unravel my work, knowing that I loved both yarn and pattern, but they did not make the perfect couple. I wanted something bolder, with a little extra solidity for the lace shawl, worked up in a nice 4-Ply yarn, and I had just the yarn to answer the call.
The Yarn Yard ‘Clan’, in a bright, vivid purple. It’s a far cry from the muted warm greens, golds, taupes, greys and browns of the Zauberball, but it’s colour and structure worked with the pattern I had formed straight away. As a matter of interest I also overheard the other day that after a bit of a hiatus that Natalie Fergie of The Yarn Yard has re-opened her shop, much to the delight of customers who bought out her entire stock within minutes, so if you are on the look out, you may have to stalk and pounce the next time there is an update…
The shock of colour is a joy to knit, and even in its un-blocked state I love the way that the stitch and yarn are working together. Sometimes it’s just a simple change that can make all the difference to a project and the confidence the knitter feels in their work.

Now I am back in my happy knitting place. I am enjoying writing and working this pattern, and enjoying both my yarn and the pace of the knitting. The stitches are building up at a nice rate and slipping from some of my favourite needles, as I do enjoy knitting lace on the Knitpro Karbonz: the warm strength of the carbon needles and nice metal tips are a noticeably different feel to the wooden tips, and my work seems to jog along quite merrily on them.


At the moment I need something that I can immerse myself in to try to distract myself from the discomforts of late pregnancy, but the lace pattern is memorable after a short while, so though I am not without concentration, I am not having to refer to my notes for every stitch. It may be a while before I finish the pattern, but when I do I hope it will one day join the others in the Eskimimi Makes pattern library.

*The Mystery Ear Project has, sadly, come to a bit of a halt. I had hoped to get it tested and ready for release once Baby Awesome was with us, but I’ve been asked not to request testing in the Patterns Testing group on Ravelry due to the impending due date of his arrival. That’s fair enough, I suppose anything could happen and I might not be immediately available to answer any queries, so I have no problem with being told not to, but it will sadly mean that I am unable to release the absolutely epic amounts of cuteness as a little celebration once he comes home to say hello.

5 thoughts on “WIP: A Shawl In The Wrong Yarn”

  • Oh, I was so looking forwards to the new pattern: that’s the cutest little round ear I have ever seen. I think there are a number of places to request free pattern testing on Ravelry, or maybe you’d consider putting it in your own Ravelry group as I’d love to be a free tester (especially if it is a baby knit!) and do understand that you are about to have a baby! Just a thought!

    • Yes, thank you Ellina: a few people have suggested this on Ravelry and Twitter, too. So it may be something I look at. It’s understandably a busy time, but I just want to make sure that one of the stitches I have used translates properly as it is a modification of a little-known stitch and I have given written and video instructions, which I just want to make sure cover it thoroughly!

  • How much testing do ears need? I bet you could get multiple willing testers here (me for one). That purple looks amazing, practically ultra violet!

    • Hehe, the finished project is more than just the ears – it just happens to have some ears attached to it… I haven’t actually shared the whole project yet as I was hoping to get it tested. A few people have suggested opening the testing up in my own group, which I may do to see if there is any interest.

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