Beads And Knitting

Beads And Knitting

Everything feels as if it is going well at Awesome Towers at the moment. Baby hasn’t made any grand gestures to move just yet, and I am pretty uncomfortable most of the time, but I am filling my days with pretty and fun things.

Thank you so much for those who advised and volunteered for the test knit. That is now underway and I am given great heart by the thoughts and kindness of the knitting community. It’s still one of the most supportive and thoughtful, fun and creative online communities that exist, spread amongst bloggers, through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and through dedicated communities such as Ravelry.

I have also had the pleasure to meet and hopefully encourage a new knitter. One of the women who was in the NCT ante-natal classes that Mr Awesome and I took has become a lovely friend, and one day had been telling me of the shawl that an aunt had knit for her impending arrival. She had said that she had thought that she might like to try knitting again, last having picked up the needles at a very young age and having knit ‘mostly holes’. I said I could try to put together a few essentials for her to get started, and so raided my cupboards and stash to try to get together some of the things that I thought might be useful.
The Knitmaster needle set has been a good friend of mine for many years. When I bought it, it came with an amazing range of 13 needle tip sizes, and though the cables were not the most flexible, the tips were sharp and smooth and I knit many miles with them before finding my way to my Knitpros. I wrote fondly of these old favourites almost exactly five years ago, and though I have picked them up and used them a few times in the intervening years, I have plenty of needles now and thought that a new knitter would make better use of them than I ever will again.
I added in a few extras, such as stitch markers, row counters, a project bag I made when I learned to sew, a book and some yarn. The only thing I could not lay my hands upon was a copy of Debbie Stoller’s Stitch & Bitch, that whilst starting to look a little dated is probably the clearest introduction to new knitters that I found useful when learning to knit. With a quick link to Amazon, however, that new knitter had found her way to casting on, and a couple of days later brought to show me a wonderful knitted square with little seed stitch heart motif and various other stitches like a miniature knitted sampler. Today she is underway on her first hat.

Whilst I spread my time between activity and relaxing, and keeping an eye on the communication on the test knitting front, I am also still working on the new shawl design and have been eagerly awaiting a delivery of some beads to add to the project before I knit any further, and they have finally arrived today.
I had started off looking for beads in a coordinating shade of almost electric purple, like an 80s Cadbury chocolate wrapper, but when I could not source any I found these as an alternative: 6mm glass seed beads in blue with an inner of somewhere between purple and magenta. I’m hoping that as the constituent colours of the purple they will add a little optional detailing to the shawl.
Now that the beads are here I am going to have a little experiment as to where on the motifs I wish to place them for best aesthetic impact, then I hope to have a few more evenings of relaxing shawl knitting whilst I wait for our baby to decide that he’d like to come out into the world and meet us.

PS: Anyone wishing to connect via Social Media and the vibrant craft community that exists within can find me at any of the links below, which are also always available in the sidebar!


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