WIP: Snuggly Bums

WIP: Snuggly Bums

When planning for the Perfect Stripes Cardigan I decided to buy extra yarn in the same shades to make a matching pair of bottoms, without the stripes but detailed in the same colours. As I had picked up a copy of Debbie Bliss’s Ultimate Book Of Baby Knits I had decided to use the ‘pants to match’ pattern from the same publication.

However, when it came to actually casting on the required stitches, and when I sat down to read the pattern there were a few things that decided against in the pattern instructions. As with the Striped Cardigan, there appeared to be an unnecessary amount of seaming included (in this case, the left and right sides of the trousers are worked separately, and flat, and seamed up each leg and from the back to front along the gusset, from bottom to tummy). This seemed to provide areas of seaming that would be bulky on the inner seam of a little one’s legs and a reduced amount of stretch and comfort where baby would probably wish for it most. Additionally, there appeared to be little to no shaping to discern the front from the back of the trousers, making them both rather straight through the hip and un-yielding to the extra bulk of a well padded baby bottom, swathed in nappy.So I have decided to work without the pattern, working top down from the waist (where I will add some soft elastic for comfort and dressing) and two areas of short rows at different heights on the bottom area to both encompass the added height needed in the back for good nappy coverage but also to allow the waist band to sit a bit higher where needed. The legs are also being shaped and knitted in the round to allow these to be completely seam free and hopefully as comfortable as possible.

As I am knitting these for a 6-9 month size, the added rump area should help for if baby has started to try to crawl, and the added space and shaping given by the short rows should help to retain coverage even in the crawling posture. To that same end I am also considering adding little contrast colour oval patches to help with wear at the knees, and also because I think they’d look really, really cute – don’t you agree?!

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    • Ooh, I shall check those out! That said, my consultant the other day told us that the Eskimini had a boney bottom that they’d been mistaking for the head, so maybe his rump will not be so padded after all (obviously taking after his daddy rather than his mummy in that regard…)

  • Lovely work! I made a pair of baby trousers from a French pattern that were two flat pieces seamed together and to be honest, they were perfect on and my baby was in cloth nappies. But, if you want to add roominess in your next pair you could always have a look at some knitted soaker patterns as they give really good short row instructions to add rise.
    Also, if your trousers are for crawling age, I recommend adding an elastic waist, or baby will simply crawl out of them 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve some soft elastic awaiting (in Navy blue, as chance would have it, which sounds like brilliant pre-planning, but was just chance) to be channeled on the inside of the waistband. If they weren’t for crawling age I might have gone for a much deeper waistband rib, but there’s no way these wouldn’t be left behind on a crawl and the elastic will give some staying power without being uncomfortable.

  • Have you ever picked up any of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s books? It sounds like her baby things might be just what you are looking for. She provides a lot of tips and guidelines, with room for the knitter to improvise.

    • Do you know I have never owned or read anything by E. Zimmerman. It’s a bit of an anomaly as I really enjoy looking at knitting and craft books from previous times, but she’s just an author that I have never picked up a publication by. I will have a look around Ravelry, though for the moment I am quite enjoying getting back into the swing of picking my way around patterns to either adapt to my needs or work up my own design, which whilst I was ill I didn’t feel I’d had the current capacity to do 😀

  • So nice to see you return to blogging and I’m glad that you’ve made several things for your new guy. I have not knit them personally, but Tin Can Knits has a new-ish baby pants pattern, Rocky: http://tincanknits.com/pattern-MB-rocky.html. They are both moms, so their patterns are generally practical. (sjn821 on Rav)

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