Polaroid – Pictures Back in Time

Polaroid – Pictures Back in Time

Mr Awesome and I have been looking for a Baby Record book and photo album for quite a while. We’ve searched at baby shows, stationers, baby stores and online, but for one reason or another none were ever quite suitable. Either they just weren’t right for reasons I probably couldn’t justify now, but on the day just weren’t as nice as I’d hoped, or had pages of records for people and relations that we didn’t have in our lives, or to celebrate holidays and occasions that we perhaps didn’t take part in. I don’t know… but somehow we just could never quite find one. After a while we decided to just make our own, get a large 12×12″ scrapbook and record the moments that were important to us.

I am not a scrapbooker, but I do have a load of scrapbook papers that I have used for other things, so we were already in good stead with these; however, Mr Awesome did see some cute little baby boy papers and so now we have even more papers than before (and he wonders why it is that the craft cupboard now has a subsidiary support unit under the bed… totally his fault).

One of the things that I wanted to have in the book was just a snapshot of life before Baby Awesome came bouncing into the world, with copies of his scan pictures and maybe a few shots of his daddy and I before he was in our lives. Whilst looking on the Internet (a dangerous pastime if ever there was one) I came across the Polaroid style prints offered by Photobox, and decided that for these initial pages that these would make a nice little layout or two.
The prints both look and feel very authentic as Polaroid prints: they have a black square on the rear framed by the familiar textured white border on front or back. The only bit you don’t get to enjoy is shaking the print to help the image develop (apparently this didn’t actually achieve anything, but seems to be a memory that most people with a polaroid camera can vividly remember doing, along with occasionally blowing on the print to ‘dry’ it). There is also the option to have text printed directly onto the frame of the prints, as in the picture above, with a selection of fonts and sizes at your disposal.
The prints do not run cheap, but I justified it to myself in it being a special occasion. The current price is £9.99 for 12 prints (I had the ten above printed as well as two more of the scans for us to keep, as the thermal printed scan pictures provided by the hospital (for £5 each!) are affected by both heat and light and can darken over time, so I hoped these would be a bit more durable. However, the site I bought mine from (Photobox) regularly has sales of 25-40% on products, and so I paid £6.99 for my set. I have also just found that Photobox have a sister site called Sticky 9 that carry the same product, and though I have no idea if they ever have sales they do instead have free shipping, so it may be worth looking at both sources if you were looking to buy any (I am not affiliated with either, so I will receive no perks from the two links above, I just really liked the prints!)

Hopefully over the next few days we will be able to sit down and put together those first couple of pages in a book that I hope will capture some of the important moments of our little boy’s life when he is born and grows up. As the days tick by and I reach full term on Friday it seems ever so close, and yet still as if I am dreaming.


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