Emergency Whale Rescue – The Sailor Sweater

Emergency Whale Rescue – The Sailor Sweater

Thank you so much for the helpful, understanding and corroborating responses to a recent post, where I had written about a pattern that I had a number of issues knitting, a sailor-style sweater with intarsia motif: Brendan. I had detailed the issues that I’d had with the pattern (neck opening size, motif size, motif placement) and the steps I’d taken to try to deal with the pattern errors and inconsistencies, before having chucked in the towel and decided that it wasn’t worth the extra hassle at a time whilst I had been ill.

A number of people said to just frog the entire project and re-use the yarn for something more pleasing, which I would have done if by the time that the edgings, intarsia, front and back seamed pieces, etc, wouldn’t have meant that I’d have ended up with a load of awkward scraps. so, instead I put an hour aside today and decided to just knit a few edgings onto the neckline and sleeve holes, so that at least it was finished. I used my own Apply On-The-Fly iCord edging to ensure that the unfinished edges were quickly and fully enclosed. When it came to the sharp turn at the bottom of the neck opening, I picked up not one, but two stitches at the lowest part before moving the stitches up the needle, and knit these three together (again, through the back loop), to make the turn, doing this twice at the lowest point of the neckline.
It’s not finished to the degree that I would have liked, but I knew that I didn’t have the heart to work on it any further, and for relatively little work at least the edging has made it look in some way usable. I did as was suggested and tried the finished piece on Giantmonk, but shall we say that he is just a little, er, ‘rotund’, to wear it without making him look like he has been unfairly stuffed into it. I don’t know if Baby Awesome will ever wear this: I’ll see how it looks when he’s finally here.

For now I shall just put this with the other finished sweaters and see what becomes of it, whilst the pattern of hand-knits in the nursery grows one higher.

Though there are many further things that we could do with the nursery, it is, to all intents and purposes, ready for if Baby Awesome comes into the world. There are some finishing touches that I hope will be done in time, but as I reach full term today I feel at least comfortable in the knowledge that we will be at least partly ready.

Now as each day passes it feels a bit like a countdown to an indeterminate moment. I am trying to steady my nerves with simple knitting and un-fussy tasks, but tiredness is starting to get the better of me, and discomfort makes any concentrated length of time spent on a task a bit difficult. Mostly, however, I am just too nervous and excited to concentrate.

For now, the little whale sailor top sits waiting in the nursery along with all of his other things: whales and narwhals, fish, lighthouses and images of the seaside and bright oceans. I like to wander into the room when the house is quiet, and imagine spending time there soon.

8 thoughts on “Emergency Whale Rescue – The Sailor Sweater”

  • The sweater is fantastic!!! Maybe some day there will be a babymonk to wear it. Wishing you many wonderful memories to come.

  • Dear Mimi,
    Even if Baby Awesome never gets to wear it, the vest certainly looks the part in the nursery’s theme. I am glad that you finished it off. It looks nice even if you don’t find it very practical to wear. Perhaps it can become a nursery decor item, or is it too painful to look at?
    Congratulations on reaching full term. I understand the mix of butterflies you must be feeling. Use this time to rest and stay well as you will need your energy and strength to welcome your little man into your world. Save any major tasks for later or delegate. I am getting very excited for you, just thinking about it. Good luck! Hugs, Jodie

  • Sounds like you are getting into “mom mode”. Enjoy those quite moments. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us. (sjn821 on Rav)

  • I have just recently found your blog through Instagram. Absolutely love the nursery and the sweater fits in beautifully!!

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