Baby Gifts For The Little Awesome One

Baby Gifts For The Little Awesome One

Last week a postman came to the door with a huge soft pillowy parcel addressed to Baby Awesome. Not entirely sue on the legality of opening someone’s mail before they were born I checked the senders details to see that it was from the lovely Vivianne of Kismet’s Companion. I contacted Vivianne to ask if she would mine if myself and Mr Awesome opened it in his stead, or if it should wait until he was back home with us. With her blessings we enjoyed uncovering the jewels within.
What gave the parcel such a squidgy bulk was the most beautiful baby blanket. This is folded beyond quarters just to allow me to photograph, but it is in reality a beautiful large size, detailed by crocheted lace layered borders and a running satin ribbon to compliment. When we dress the cot I shall take a picture of it in situ, because it fits so perfectly in the room we have decorated in neutrals with navy detailing.
I hope if Vivianne reads that she will be able to confirm that I have threaded the ribbon correctly! After we received the parcel and had opened it we also got word that the ribbon had been re-threaded into the lace other than where originally intended once it had been washed before sending (not that I would ever have been able to tell, it was beautiful where it arrived) but I have done my best to re-thread it as initially intended!
Also included were two smaller, separate little tissue-wrapped parcels, which contained two beautiful cardigans. I simply love these; one smaller in a warm neutral colour, slightly blush, with beautiful cabling and detailing along the raglan shaping; and another in a dark red colour with beautiful little turned collar and lace patterning on the lower half, a couple of sizes larger. We are so overwhelmed and grateful for such thoughtful and beautifully handmade gifts. Our little one will wear them and love them, and he will grow knowing the true value of friends and where his most special blanket came from and how much it means.

You can read all about the beautiful items above on Kismet’s Companion’s own blog post, which also has a much better picture of the blanket in full size, as well as other baby knits and crocheted blankets that have been sent to other lucky parents-to-be. For now, Baby Awesome’s two little gift cardigans have joined his other hand knit clothes, ready for his arrival. I am so glad that they all cover a range of sizes, because though I do want to see him in his most treasured hand made items from the first days, I know that he will grow so quickly that I will hardly seem to be able to take it in, and it will be good to know that he will be able to feel the love of handmade for as long as he is happy to wear them.

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