WIP: Striped Baby Cardigan

WIP: Striped Baby Cardigan

Thank you so much for all the well wishes yesterday; here on the website, on Facebook,  and on Twitter. It has been a wonderful feeling to look forward to making things, however small and slow the progress has seemed, but maybe sometimes the best things are worked on slowly and appreciated, when finally you stumble over the finishing line and can look back on the challenge and final achievement.

Looking for another simple knit, I have decided to knit the Debbie Bliss Striped Cardigan for the Eskimini. I have decided to go with two shades of blue Drops Baby Merino (Ice Blue and Navy) to give a bit of impact to the simple 2 row stripes.

The pattern gives the body of the cardigan in three pieces, but I have made a small modification to knit the body in a single piece up until the divide for the armholes, both to omit any unnecessary bulk from seams around small bodies, but also because I am lazy, and the fewer ends I have to weave in, the better. I have also grafted the top of the shoulders instead of binding off and seaming them, as given in the pattern (again, for reduced bulk and hopefully additional comfort).

The instructions for the sleeves also has them knitted flat and seamed, however these again I have knit in the round until the bound off stitches for the underarms and sleeve cap shaping start. Hopefully I have saved just a little bit of bulk on quite a small and delicate knit, and rid myself of a few potential ends.

The only other very minor change I have made is to omit the contrast edge to the button bands and hem/cuff/neck edges. Partly this was done to do away with the need for another colour change that would have required further ends to be woven in, but also because I prefer the cleaner look of the solid coloured ribbing as enough contrast is given by the buttons (which I happened to find in my button stash and which compliment the lighter blue yarn just perfectly – I knew the millions of hoarded buttons I have would come in useful one day!)
It’s taken a few weeks to get to this stage of the cardigan, but I have just cast off the first of two sleeves and if I continue to feel a bit better as I have done these last few days, hopefully it will not be too long until this stripy little treasure is finished.

Pattern: Striped Cardigan by Debbie Bliss.
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Baby Merino in shades Navy and Ice Blue.
Size: 6-9 Months.

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