FO: Tiny Tank Top

FO: Tiny Tank Top

It has long been an amusement to my husband that I just adore a tank top (or Sweater Vest if you are from the US or various other places that we in the UK seem to have cross-terminology with). I love to wear them myself as they are comfortable and warm without being bulky or restricting, and I love them on other people. Mr Awesome has a yellow and grey striped one, and it is still my favourite thing of his, even if it is pretty much past its best. And then there are the professional tank top wearers. I remember when watching the series House, long after everyone else in the world had already watched it, when the young doctor who anyone in the UK should know as ‘Dr Billy Kennedy From Neighbours went from regular actor to Tank Top Wearing Superstar Of The Elite Order. I actually have no idea what the character’s name was, but he could rock a tank top.

But when is a tank top at it’s absolute finest? When it is teeny sized!
Eskimimi Tank TopHow could there be anything cuter than a baby boy in a little striped tank top? Knit in buttery soft Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and with wooden buttons securing the shoulders for easy dressing and accommodation of cute top-heavy baby bonces, Drops Viggo pattern was an absolute joy to knit, from beginning to end. The body has no shaping until the armholes, which is the perfect kind of mindless knitting for if you are not feeling too great or have a bout of baby brain to contend with: the soft yarn and muted colours allow you to just relax and enjoy the stitches.
Eskimimi Tank TopThis is a perfect quick pattern for a wonderfully cute little Tank Top to warm baby’s tummy, and would make an excellent gift knit due to its simplicity and easy modern styling.

Pattern: Viggo, by Drops
Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in shades Off-White and Pistachio
Size: 1-3 months.

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